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تیرے قاتل شرمندہ ھیں، بی بی اب تک زندہ ھے

Posted in Pakistan Politics by pejamistri on December 27, 2012

On this anniversary of BB shaheed, a lot of PPP haters (or should I say the murderers of BB) are shouting on top of their voice
“بی بی ھم شرمندہ ھیں ، تیرے قاتل زندہ ھیں” .
Bilawal Bhutto correctly countered it with
“تیرے قاتل شرمندہ ھیں، بی بی اب تک زندہ ھے”

It is true that both leadership of PPP and Jiyala’s of PPP are not vocal against the murderers of BB. The reason is very simple. After 5 years of BB’s shahadat, it is quite clear that there were two groups of murderers, the executioners and the planners. The executioners are fully exposed and some of them arrested , others killed or died. They are the extremist group Taliban.
However PPP leadership does not openly or vocally talk about the real planners of the BB’s murder, although they do talk about them in private gatherings. The reason is obvious, this group is very powerful as a matter of fact the whole battle of PPP and all democratic forces in Pakistan are against this group. No one can take on this group with force, no one can fought with this group with force.
But 30 years down the road when under the leadership of Bilawal, this group is weakened, nuclear arms taken away from this group and its weapons destroyed and it’s power subjugated to the power of people, then we might see that a “جبڑہ” is digged out from the grave in Islamabad, the graves of army generals (1977) and all the 4 to 6 ft. judges of the “supreme court” who judicially murdered Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto are symbolically executed.
And then people will finally celebrate the victory against the murderers of BB, all Syeds, Kiyanis, Pashas and Colonels and Majors who planned the murder of BB will be punished according to the law by the “Azad Adliya” of Pakistan.
Till then this battle is on……
کٹتے بھی چلو ، بڑھتے بھی چلو
بازو بھی بہت ھیں سر بھی بہت

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  1. Asma bint Marwan said, on January 18, 2013 at 3:40 pm

    Bidhai ho Bhai Saheb; just saw that Grand Jiyala Faisal Reza Abedi saying much the same thing on PJ Mir.The link is on a disgustingly `Ghairat kay Rakhwalay’ website which is in itself fascinating.

    Thank heavens the `no pasaran’ spirit of the jiyalas still burns bright.

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