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A game of $900 million….

Posted in Pakistan Politics by pejamistri on July 12, 2014

Let me first make it clear, any action against Taliban that weakens them is always appreciable. Moreover six hundred people of Pakistan army represent proportionally the 180 million population of Pakistan. Although General Zia and subsequent extremist Generals have tried their best to change the complexion of Pakistan Army but despite that there are still a lot of personnels belong to sects like Shia, Bralevi and quite a few non muslims. So the battle that we see in Pakistan is also present in Pakistan Army. On the levels of high rank officers though Army behave and acts as a mafia, but on the lower level the conflicts are much more visible. 

Even at the level of Generals sometime the same battle come to surface. The battle we saw from 2007-2009 had many facets, on the one side it was pure democratic struggle by the parties like PPP, ANP against the dictator and on the other side it was the extremist’s coup against the non-deobandi General Pervez Musharraf. Kyani-GEO-IMC nexus against Musharraf was nothing but the manifestation of the on-going battle between extremist Taliban and non-extremist people of Pakistan. 

That’s the reason it is hard to pass the judgment on operation in North Waziristan.  has written a nice article on this. Besides other things, I tend to agree with her assertion that Pakistan military launched the operation after much hesitation and preparation to secure $900 million from United States. 

At the moment it is hard to really know what is happening in North Waziristan the way Pakistan Army took touts like Fareeha Idrees and other “پیشہ ور دلال ” so-called “journalists” to Waziristan it seems that there is much to hide there.


Loss of Sense of Proportion

Posted in Pakistan Politics by pejamistri on June 27, 2014

With the arrival of Chabi wala baba aka Qaid-e-Inqlab Shaikh-ul-Islam Professor Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, twitter was a abuzz with the “liberals” and “seculars” tweets showing how much “liberal” and “secular” they are. From “پیشہ ور دلال” like Nusrat Javed to my dear friend Zaalan everyone was so eager to prove their liberalism and secularism that I truly feared that some of them might actually explode on twitter.

There was also an interesting exchange of tweets between Abdul and Zaalan in which Zaalan so clearly explained how he would stand by liberals and seculars and not with any molvi against Taliban and extremism.

I remember I wrote about this before but the current episode made me write more on this.

I call this “loss of sense of proportion“, why does this happen I have a theory about it, but before I put that theory let me explain what this loss of sense of proportion is. Just as forewarning I may myself commit the same “loss of sense of proportion” in this article, so please take my assertion and statements with little bit of grain of salt.

Every crime has some degree of intensity, that is why there is a difference between a crime and felony. A felony is a type of crime that is serious and carries heavy penalty. Jaywalking is a crime but murder is both a crime and a felony. People have strange views, one might call them “absurd”, laughable and even condemn those views. Last year I happened to go in a service of Romanian Church on the eve of Christmas, and after very joyful rhymes and poems, all of a sudden people dropped on their knees and start crying and praying, I was taken aback, I thought how “absurd” is it and almost started laughing. But then I realised that how many laughable and absurd things I commit on daily basis. From crying while watching an emotional scene in the movie and feeling angry when Pakistan looses a cricket match, to believing that “universe was created on throw of a dice” and there might be another universe in which PejaMistri is Molvi Munnawar Hassan (shame on me).

The point I am trying to make is that its all about proportion. Once you loose sense of proportion, you basically keep the same extremists views but simply switch the sides. A lot of my “liberati” twitter fellows started screaming with the full throttle against “Chabi wala molvi”. A lot of them started proving how he is worse than Burqa Wala molvi (Molvi Abdul Aziz), and how his Lahore residence is same as “Laal Masjid”. How he is responsible for the killing of 14 people in Lahore and so on and so on. I am not going to defend this molvi, to me he is just a molvi like so many other laughable molvis exist in the world. But just like in my “secularism” I don’t start abusing every other ideology and religion, it is not right for me to start equating him with the extremist like Taliban and Deobandi/Wahabi ideology.

Let me explain in more detail, back in my college days in those dark days of General Zia, when I found the light of “Communism” and “Atheism”, I started “preaching” Atheism, and condemning all those friends and class fellows of mine who would go to “Dars-e-Quran” and “Masjid”. In my zeal, I even started “Dars-e-Das-Kapital”. In fact once I started a “Dars-e-Nancy-Friday” in competition with Jamati’s Dars-e-Quran and believe me more started coming to “Dars-e-Nancy-Friday” listening “Forbidden Flowers” than people going in Dars-e-Quran :). But during a discussion we realised that it is almost no different than Jamaati Molvis who “Preach” their ideology with as much “zeal and zest” as I am preaching my ideology. And soon I realised that it is not just “preaching” and it is the “zeal and zest” and “force” with which we “preach” and many a times “impose” our ideology on others. And there comes the sense of proportion. As I said people have so many different views, many of those views are “absurd” and “condemnable” but while “ridiculing” or “condemning” such views one must keep in view the relative proportion of intensity of such views. The “condemnation” of “cigarette smoker” in public is not equal to that of a mass killer.

Let me be more explicit, there is no comparison of Deobandi/Wahabi/Salafi “Islamism” and other “laughable” Islamic beliefs like Ahmadis, Shias, Bralevis. I find it ridicules when our “liberati” condemn and put pictures on twitter/facebook of Ahmedi’s kissing their Khalifa’s hand, a Bralevi dancing on Qawali or a Shia doing Matam, and in their zeal to condemn the “religion” and show how much “secular” and “atheist” they are, they proudly declare that they are “real” liberals who condemn “ALL” absurd “Islamic” practices just like they condemn Taliban’s extremists views. No my friend no, there is something wrong in this, there is a huge difference between “Islamist” who declares other religion “Kufr” and then strives to eliminate that “Kufr” by “use-of-force” or by “use-of-tongue” or by “use-of-hatred-in-their-heart”, and a “muslim” who simply commits “laughable” acts in his search to get “Jannah”. There is no doubt a muslim can turn “Islamist” at any time but until he is just a “muslim” you can not equate him with an Islamist.

To be Continued….

P.S. I wish I had more time from my day job to finish this. Please wait.

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Salman Taseer & his unfinished job.

Posted in Pakistan Politics by pejamistri on January 4, 2014

Whenever I try to write something on Salman Taseer, my thoughts go to Asia Bibi, I don’t know how many xmas have passed since she is in the jail far from her family and home.
Salman Taseer was the brave guy who could dare to stand for a poor weak lady following the true sunnah of his prophet Muhammad. I know there are hundreds of such well meaning humans in the city of Ali Hajveri Data Ganj Bakhsh, but none of them as brave as Salman Taseer.
There is however no more appropriate time than now, to renew the efforts for the release of Asia Bibi. There is no doubt that Nawaz Sharif and Shehbaz Sharif government is in much better position to get her out. The majority muslim sect Bralevis must remember that they need to distinguish themselves from the extremists muslims, it is not only the Eid-Milad-un-Nabi that makes them stand out from the extermists but also the following of Sufis like Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh, Hazrat Farid Ganj-e-Shakar, and hundreds of Sufis who blessed the province of Punjab with their divine message of peace, mercy and love to all. Bralevis need to follow the traditions of Prophet Muhammad who was mercy to all.
This month of Rabi-ul-Awwal brings them this great opportunity to redeem themselves in the eyes of رحمت اللعالمین ۔ . There can not be more shame for the followers of Data Ganj Bakhsh where a poor weak lady is punished in the name of Prophet who is mercy to the whole world.
Nawaz Sharif & Shahbaz Sharif may have been indebted by the Saudi Salfis but their forefathers followed the religion that was peace and mercy to all. They must stand up for the poor lady, the majority Bralevi in Punjab should start campaign for mercy in this month of Rabi-ul-Awal for the Asia Bibi.

The best tribute to Salman Taseer is to renew the efforts for the release of Asia Bibi.

To Those who don’t “VALUE” their life. (On the anniversary of Benazir Bhutto)

Posted in Pakistan Politics by pejamistri on December 27, 2013

Not to be personal, but since you got the liberty and freedom that you enjoy and praise in the country you are residing just because you ended up there in a plane, it will be very hard to understand who were those “stupids” who never “valued” their life to attain the liberty and freedom that you enjoy today. 
It is indeed very difficult to understand such things, I was just intending to write this on BB’s anniversary that how easy it would have been for BB to step into Imran’s shoes back in 2008, there was a short period where all the establishment media was all praise for her and she was being portrayed as the saviour against Pervez Musharraf. She was given an option to become a leader like current Imran Khan or die like she died. She choose to die and not “value” the life. And the same option was given to Imran Khan, his party PTI could have been easily on this side of the fence. But he choose to “value” the life. It’s not without reason that IK can speak in a large gathering in PESHAWAR without a bullet proof glass while Bilawal can not speak without bullet proof glass even in GARAHI Khuda Bakhsh. There is some one other than God in Pakistan who guarantees that who will die in bomb blast and who won’t.
It will be a dark Pakistan like Saudi Arabia and most of the Middle East if there are no such leaders who doesn’t “value” their lives. It is no surprise that while there have been “Muslim” countries like Iraq, Iran, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and many many more where dictators ruled for decades and decades from Saddam, Mubarik, Qaddafi, Khumaini to Shah Abdullah, Pakistan had seen off five dictators. It is because of such people that despite the presence of all the ingredients for becoming worse theocracy than Iran, Saudi Arabia and even Afghanistan, the battle of a liberal Pakistan is on-going. It is for these people that Pakistan did not become Afghanistan, nor it became Iran. 
But pessimist in me says that such people are getting less and less and there is greater and greater possibility for Pakistan to end up in the same pit where Afghanistan finds herself today. Pakistan’s liberals are loosing day by day against the fundamentalists. Our society is more polarised than ever, we have more extremists urban educated class and we have more apologetic liberals than before.

The battle must go on

Posted in Pakistan Politics by pejamistri on May 15, 2013

One of the most dreaded consequence of defeat of PPP and ANP will be the change in their policies on “War on Terror”. We are already hearing voices within the parties, that the defeat is due to the policy on Extremism and War on Terror. It is quite possible that rightest took over the parties. They will follow the policy of appeasement in order to bring themselves in the good books of extremists and right wing media.

I consider this more than probable, elections 2013 have destroyed the true liberal ideology. Other day I wrote on the possible worst case scenario, but a more probable scenario we’ll see will be a repeat of what happened during Zia’s tenure and 1990′s. I foresee a competition between IK in KPK and NS in centre to appease the right wingers, which would mean more Islamism. I foresee stricter policies on internet and television entertainment channels. Robbing general public in the name of interest free banking, and also stricter policies against minorities and Shias. The heat from  Syria, Iraq and Bahrain is already reaching Pakistan, and with the right wing government in Center and KPK and right-wing opposition and right-wing media there will be new laws against Shias.

On the brighter side, we are going to experience less suicide attacks and bomb blasts. In Punjab there were already very few attacks, people of KPK have learnt from Punjab and have their skin by electing IK, no more Mala Yousafzai there. In fact such activities will now be limited to interior Sindh and only the shrines will be targeted, we have already seen this phenomenon growing in the last few months.

We shall also see better economy growth, particularly we expect to see more power generation. And if the foreign investors are no more reluctant to invest than we’ll see the rental power projects coming back. PPP is very poor in selling themselves otherwise I know why the “Rental Power Projects” and “Raja Rental” was targeted by the establishment, it was a well calculated and thought out plan to halt the power generation via rental power projects. Although it caused great hardships to people of Pakistan, but the plan paid off in Punjab. However we are lucky that there is no one in PPP who could influence the investors not to invest in Pakistan (of course I would doubt even if there was one, PPP would have done it). So in terms of economy and power generation we are going to have good days ahead.

So in summary, the next 5 years would mean, less suicide attacks, better law and order situation, better economy and less load shedding at the expense of more Islamism, stricter control on media and internet and less space for minorities and Shias, besides the tug of war between extremists and right-wingers.

Many people wonder that if that is the price to pay than it is not a huge price. We have seen the bloodiest 5 years in which thousands of Shias died, Christian houses burnt, children and women jailed for blasphemy, bomb lasts and suicide attacks in southern Punjab and interior Sindh. If it required only this change in the government than it is not a big price to pay.

I would try to write on this in more detail but suffice to say that Syria, Libia, Egypt, Bahrain and all other so-called “Arab Spring” countries had what we are going to have for next 5 years, and this is only a road to destruction, start of the journey. Let us not reverse the wheel of history. Let us not give up. PPP and ANP should not be taken over by the right-wingers. Pakistan is not a middle eastern Arab state inhabited by the lambs of Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, it is the land of followers of Bulleh Shah, Rahman Baba, Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai and Data Gunj Bakhsh. The people belonging to a 4000 years old civilisation of tolerance, liberalism and mysticism can not be defeated by a barbaric arab culture. The battle must go on.

Elections 2013

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Elections 2013 are so different from what I have seen before, these are in many ways unbelievably strange elections. There are at least three very unique aspects of these elections and I wish had more time to discuss all of in detail. But in this article I will be able to only briefly discuss each of these aspects. Let me start with what I feel might happen particularly after the Elections 2013.

Beyond Elections 2013
Somehow I notice a lot of resemblance between elections of 1977 and current elections. In 1977, although I was too young to have any political thoughts, but I remember clearly one slogan that was very popular.
ھل چلے گا ھل چلے گا
گنجے کہ سر پر ھل چلے گا

“Hull ھل (plough)” was election symbol of PNA (Pakistan National Alliance) , and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was bald. I remember as young child I will be shouting this while coming back from school. Many people think that the role of media is something unique in this elections, truth is that media has always played a significant role in urban area elections of Pakistan, the effect of electronic media is much exaggerated, even in 1977 the urban areas of Punjab were portrayed as against PPP and it was a common impression that PPP will loose by a big margin. All this was created via a very well executed propaganda campaign by Jamat Islami through its newspapers, magazines and molvis in mosques. But what is the relevance of 1977 elections to results of elections 2013, well I am coming to that, but first we notice that according to the “electronic and social” media of Pakistan, PPP has already lost the elections. It has been portrayed as if there are no candidates in the field by PPP, it is also portrayed as the match is only between PML(N) and PTI (both right wing parties). And that’s where 1977 elections result become relevant, in 1977 as we know PPP won by a huge margin. And PNA claimed that there was massive rigging in those elections and we all know what happened afterwards.
Somehow I feel that in Elections 2013, we might have result similar to 1977 (no I am not saying that PPP will win by a huge margin), what I am saying is that PML(N) and PPP claim more than 2/3rd seats in the elections and PTI/JI/JUI etc, loose once again. We know that PML(N) despite its center-right image is on the wrong side of the establishment, therefore although they have been given free hand by establishment (aka Taliban), there win in elections will against establishment’s expectations. So what happens in the scenario? To me it looks like we might have another “movement” against rigging in elections, and we all know what will be the outcome.

Taliban’s Factor
In one of the BBC program Muhammad Hanif rightly pointed out that this time establishment has outsource elections rigging to Taliban. They know in this age of information technology, traditional techniques of rigging are no more applicable. Therefore they have come up with another abhorrent way. Taliban have imposed their own article 62/63, only those candidates are allowed to run their campaign which fulfils the requirements of their article 62/63. Although I have complete faith in peoples of Pakistan, the people who belong to a 5000 years old civilisation of  Harrapa and Mohenjo-daro, can not be overcome by an extremist ideology, but there is an clear danger that for the first time in the history of Pakistan we find a right wing government “elected” by the people.

Imran Khan’s Factor
If Imran Khan wins the elections that will be first time we have an Egypt like government in Pakistan. For me this will be the worst outcome of this election. Many people argue that Imran Khan’s win will be similar to Nawaz Sharif’s win in 1997, and there is no danger of Pakistan turning into an extremist society like Egypt or Middle East. Imran himself is not that extremist and is a moderate person, the team around him is also moderate in nature. But I fear the worst, I don’t have many reasons to support my fear. But there is a possibility of sinister conspiracy where extremist elements in establishment hijack Imran’s victory. A final between extremism and enlightment is in the offing in Pakistan.

List of Journalists

Posted in Pakistan Politics by pejamistri on April 22, 2013
2 7-7-2011 Syed Sajjad Ali Shah APNA TV PC Hotel Lahor 75,931
5 23-7-2011 Mehmood Hamdani N/A Journalist Financial Assistance 200,000
6 23-7-2011 Zahid Amir Rana N/A Journalist Financial Assistance 500,000
7 23-7-2011 Saleem Khawaja N/A Financial Assistance 100,000
11 2-8-2011 Syed Sajjad Ali Shah APNA TV Reimbursement 215,107
13 4-8-2011 M/s Publisher (book Mufahimat) Payment 700,000
19 6-8-2011 M. Ashraf N/A PC Bhurban 146,603
29 23-8-2011 Haris Marghub Masawat Financial Assistance 125,000
36 26-8-2011 M. Ashraf N/A Financial Assistance 400,000
60 30-9-2011 CNBC CNBC Program (Pakistan This Week) 35,000,000
66 7-10-2011 Mr. & Mrs. Suhail Rana N/A Air Ticket 200,000
67 14-10-2011 Inthikhab Hanif N/A Financial Assistance 100,000
70 18-10-2011 Fareed Khan N/A Financial Assistance 100,000
113 1-11-2011 Shuaib Bhutta N/A Financial Assistance 107,143
120 22-11-2011 Gulraiz Shehzad N/A Financial Assistance 100,000
140 18-01-2012 Shahzad N/A Online Transmission 140,000
146 1-02-2012 Midas Pvt. Ltd BB Song 37,000,000
153 07-02-2012 M. Nadeem N/A Payment 200,000
165 8-3-2012 Saleh Zaafir Jang Special Assignment 300,000
166 10-4-2012 Saleh Zaafir Jang Special Assignment 100,000
175 3-5-2012 Syed Sajjad Ali Shah APNA TV Air Ticket 61,300
180 4-5-2012 Ghulam Nabi Mughal N/A Financial Assistance 100,000
182 5-5-2012 Assadullah Ghalib N/A Financial Assistance 250,000
184 7-5-2012 Saleh Zaafir Jang Special Assignment 100,000
195 25-5-2012 Some very bigwig (DonArsalan?) N/A 500,000

Military Take Over and 18th amendment

Posted in Pakistan Politics by pejamistri on April 19, 2013

One of the funniest question asked on Facebook the other day, not by a common man living somewhere in remote village of Dera Ghazi Khan, but by a very informed blogger, social activist and highly educated person living in United states. is , “Does anyone know if Pakistani constitution allows military to take over as necessary? “ … Though it is funny, but indeed it requires a serious pondering because like the questioner majority of well-educated middle-aged Pakistanis who grew up in the era of General Zia has very scary answer to this, the answer they think is “yes, Pakistan constitution allows military take over as necessary”.
Of course Pakistan constitution or for that matter any constitution (having even a grain of democratic principles in it) will not allow military to take over  in ANY case, even if the heavens fall. But we need to identify the reason for such a question. The reason has its root back in 80′s when people like me were growing up, and probably even now, a lot of Pakistanis would be fed with a very simple question, the question is/was :

“If there is a “constitutional breakdown” (btw nobody will seem to answer what they mean by “constitutional breakdown” (a meaningless term), but will say like what happened in 1977/1999 etc… and “country is at the brink of collapse” (another absurd expression), and “no institution is performing its duties” (and simply preposterous allegation) , what is MILITARY supposed to do?”

This question will be repeated again and again by the “intellectuals” , “philanthropists” , “academics”  and now “anchors” on mass media and then the answer will be provided  first by a supreme court judgment  (Asima Jilani case, Zafar Ali Shah case), and then will be given weight-age by quoting certain article of constitution. And that’s how majority people who grew up in those days will have the answer “YES” to this very funny question that “Pakistan Constitution allows military take over as and when necessary”.

Truth is Pakistan constitution has NEVER allowed the military take over, as a matter of fact keeping in view the military take over by Ayub and Yahya , 1973 Parliament put a special article yes the well-known article 6 in the constitution which made any military take over as an act of treason. However the modus operandi used by the successive dictators (Zia & Musharraf) is that after the take over they first get their act of treason validated by the supreme court and then after getting a new assembly in place they ask the assembly to do a constitutional amendment (notorious 8th and 17th amendment) that validates in retrospective “ONLY” their act of take over. It is important to note that both of these amendments validated only the acts of 4th of July and 12th of October, and NEVER allowed the future acts of military take over.

Wait there is an 18th Amendment Now:

Yesterday however I came across a very good point about the 18th amendment, so let me elaborate it in detail:
So basically after the 12th October 1999 coup by the 21st century mad dictator Pervez Musharraf, first thing he got done was to get his coup “validated” by the Supreme Court of Pakistan and then in 2003 , the mad dictator forced the Parliament of 2003 to pass the 17th amendment, which inserted the following article in the constitution.

“270-AA Validation and affirmation of laws etc. 

(1) The Proclamation of Emergency of the fourteenth day of October, 1999, all President’s Orders, Ordinances, Chief Executive’s Orders, including the Provisional Constitution Order No. 1 of 1999, the Oath of Office (Judges) Order, 2000 (No. 1 of 2000), Chief Executive’s Order No. 12 of 2002, the amendments made in the Constitution through the Legal Framework Order, 2002 (Chief Executive’s Order No. 24 of 2002), the Legal Framework (Amendment) Order , 2002 (Chief Executive’s Order No. 29 of 2002), the Legal Framework (Second Amendment) Order, 2002 (Chief Executive’s Order No. 32 of 2002) and all other laws made between the twelfth day of October, one thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine and the date on which this Article comes into force (both days inclusive), having been duly made or accordingly affirmed, adopted and declared to have been validly made by the competent authority and notwithstanding anything contained in the Constitution shall not be called in question in any court or forum on any ground whatsoever.

According to this amendment the actions of 12th of October 1999 and any subsequent acts made by him were validated in retrospective.

As I said it is same technique that General Zia employed in 1985 via 8th amendment.

But Lo and Behold!.. there is something more in 2010, the new parliament passed the 18the amendment, which erased the old article 270-AA and inserted the following:

“270AA. Declaration and continuance of laws, etc-

(1) The Proclamation of Emergency of the fourteenth day of October, 1999, the Provisional Constitution Order No. 1 of 1999, the Oath of Office (Judges) Order, 2000 (No. 1 of 2000), Chief Executivce’s Order No. 12 of 2002, Chief Executive’s Order No. 19 of 2002, the amendments made in the Constitution through the Legal Framework Order, 2002 (Chief Executive’s Order No. 24 of 2002), the Legal Framework (Amendment) Order, 2002 (Chief Executive’s Order No. 29 of 2002) and Legal Framework (Second Amendment) Order, 2002 (Chief Executive’s Order No. 32 of 2002), notwithstanding any judgment of any court including the Supreme Court or a High Court, are hereby declared as having been made without lawful authority and of no legal effect.

This is very important point, so as it stands today the constitution of Pakistan has declared all the acts of 1999 and afterwards made by the mad dictator as “Without Lawful Authority” and having “No Legal Affect“. So that means that article 6 will and should be applied on the 12th of October coup. And let me remind that article 6 includes that “all the people aiding, abetting or collaborating” are as much guilty as Musharraf.

6. High treason.

[(1) Any person who abrogates or subverts or suspends or holds in abeyance, or attempts or conspires to abrogate or subvert or suspend or hold in abeyance, the Constitution by use of force or show of force or by any other unconstitutional means shall be guilty of high treason.]
(2) Any person aiding or abetting [or collaborating] the acts mentioned in clause (1) shall likewise be guilty of high treason.
(2A) An act of high treason mentioned in clause (1) or clause (2) shall not be validated by any court including the Supreme Court and a High Court.]
(3) [Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament)] shall by law provide for the punishment of persons found guilty of high treason.

Re-Birth of Ivan

Posted in Pakistan Politics by pejamistri on February 8, 2013

Ivan Karmazov is my favorite character from Dostoevesky’s Brother’s Karamzov. Although I would have loved to be Prince Myshkin or Alyosha but somehow in the heart of my heart I know that it is Ivan who lurks in me. Death of PejaMistri is re-birth of Ivan Karamzov.
Though I won’t always be Ivan on this blog, perhaps I will try to bring my “youth” back by recounting the good old days and discussing my passion about Faiz, Fyodor and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan….

PejaMistri is dead!!!

Posted in Pakistan Politics by pejamistri on January 26, 2013

As evident from the title, this is pejamistri’s last post and last activism through social media (twitter, facebook, criticalppp, pkpolitics and many other blogs and websites on Pakistani politics). PejaMistri has died after severe heart attack on account the reason that will be explained in this post. But before that let me share a brief history of PejaMistri.

PejaMistri’s Birth
PejaMistri was actually conceived back in 2000, when his creator moved to California from Pakistan, Shaheen Sehbai at that time used to run a website “”, PejaMistri’s creator was in his prime youth and was an enthusiast political activist during his college and university days. He started posting comments on SouthAsiatTribune and BBC Urdu against the dictator’s regime.
PejaMistri’s creator is basically a coward and characterless person, he is the “man from the underground” of Fyodor Dostevsky, Between year 2000 and 2007, PejaMistri had several premature births but always died of fear of being caught by “establishment”.
It was the fateful year of 2007, when PejaMistri was finally born and started taking part on several Pakistani political blogs including PKPolitics, Pakistaniat, Teeth Maestro and on his own blog

What is in the name?
Many people asked me the reason of the name PejaMistri, PejaMistri is indeed the nick for Pervez Musharraf the 21st century mad dictator. The name Peja Mistri was borrowed from an anecdote I read somewhere about the son of a mistri (مستری) who after becoming a gangster kills the family of village’s chaudhary (چوھدری) and becomes a chaudhary himself. Initially I used it as slander against the mad dictator, but later on I realized that Peja Mistri actually is synonymous with the poor, illiterate and common men of Pakistan whom a lot of “liberals” and educated right wing “mullahs” hate and condemn. During my discourse with many “social media activists”, I would notice a scorn for the handle “pejamistri”, as if a mistri (مستری) is less capable of expressing his opinion amongst the “educated lot” on the “internet”. And then I developed a strong affection for “PejaMistri”.

Who was PejaMistri
As I said PejaMistri is the “man from underground”, he does not trust anyone, and is a coward. He won’t risk his or his family’s life even for “the most beautiful and sublime”, he would claim to die for “the idea” and love to preach for “higher truth”, but when it comes to save his own “cup of tea” he would let the whole world burn. PejaMistri will always be extra cautious in keeping himself safe and will never share his identity. When he was young, once he went to paste a flyer (printed from cyclostate) against the mad dictator’s regime in 1988, a policeman shouted from behind, from that day he never went to his “comrades” gathering again. The advent of 21st century social media activism on internet gave new birth to people like PejaMistri, who wanted to express all their radical thoughts but also remain “safe”. 

Who are Social Media Activists
For PejaMistri, social media activists can be divided into three categories namely “Professional Activists”, “Amateur Social Activists” and “Activists“.
“Professional” social media activists are the most prominent brand of social media activists in Pakistani social media. Just like any professional sportsmen they have a clear objective and work really hard to achieve and maintain their spot in the highly competitive market. “Professional” Activist have an “Association of Professional Social Media Activists” that safeguards and promotes the “Professional” social media activism in Pakistan. Becoming a “Professional” social media activists require a lot of hard work and training. There are several success stories including “Adil Najam“, “Teeth Maestro“, “Raza Rumi” and many many others which I won’t name here (of course out of fear).
“Amateur” Social Media Activists are the one who want to become  “Professional” but they lack the “talent” and “hard work”. Majority of social media activists that you will find on twitter, facebook are “Amateur”, everyone of them will click at  ‘Professional’ activist’s avatar and will sigh when will I have “so many” followers. 
The third brand of social media activists are likes of “PejaMistri” but why talk about them?

Why PejaMistri Died?
As I said PejaMistri has died, this is his last post. PejaMistri suffered a fatal heart attack when one of his fellow “activist” died in a “haka” operation. PejaMistri did not know “AbdulNishaPuri”, for him “Abdul” was an handle on Twitter and a nick on internet. But in him PejaMistri saw his future. PejaMistri had strong disagreements on many counts with “Abdul”, PejaMistri won’t buy his theories. But “Abdul” was enthusiast and bold character. Abdul got trapped from two sides, and then one day he receives a tweet, “ھم نے تمھیں تلاش کرلیا ھے” and “Abdul” deleted his twitter handle, wrote his resignation and went into wilderness. While “PejaMistri” suffered a heart attack and went into ICU and expired. As I said PejaMistri is a coward, he would never like to see a tweet mentioning the whereabouts of his family back in Pakistan. Death of twitter handle “@AbdulNishaPuri” was death of social media activism in Pakistan. He was not a “Professional” or “Amateur” activist, the poor guy deleted his handle and ran away for his life. PejaMistri however is smart enough, he won’t go that far, he will seek forgiveness from all the molvis whom he condemned and used bad words, and will bow out “gracefully”. 

In his second re-incarnation, “PejaMistri” will never share his identity even with God.


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