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Story of a vintage Pakistani Atheist

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I became an atheist in late 80’s, at that time becoming an atheist was not that easy from every respect particularly in Pakistani society. It was the time when atheist was not the obvious role model for youth. In the political context, muslim youth both radical and non-radical was not considered as the worst of the lot. A typical non-radical muslim young person will be a charming young guy  with short beard and a smiling face, going to prayer in the mosque for 5 times a day and usually helping neighbours. The remaining radical muslim youth the would-be suicide bombers were gone to fight Jihad against atheist U.S.S.R. And as they were not killing Pakistanis in suicide bombing they were considered as real “mujahids”  who were embracing martyrdom in fight against atheist U.S.S.R. Those days United States was boasting about “In God We Trust” and “Jihad”. Islam was a “peaceful” religion which…

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Your god is worse than my (old) god!!!

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For years I was unable to solve a riddle. It was so hard that I would spend nights thinking about this puzzle and torment myself about how on earth it is possible. From my college days when question of God and Religion used to be hotly discussed topic and when a lot of bright minded young friends who would be well-read of most of the philosophy and literature about religion and atheism to the age of social media where I would see middle aged ‘successful’ men/women turning to secularism/atheism instead of Islamism, I always noticed this pattern and could never find the reason how such a strange pattern is possible. Let me explain this:

So fast rewind to 90’s here is young bright youth, a marxist, a communist and an atheist engaged in a discussion using Voltaire’s atheism to enthusiastically rip apart the stupid arguments of religious discourse. Condemning the evil socio-economic impact of religious bigotry, which all made sense to me, in fact I myself would contribute my bit in this discussion. And then discussion moves to Islamist terrorists how they spread terrorism in Afghanistan and elsewhere in the world. We talk about how they slaughter men and women in the name of religion and how their ideology could bring the downfall of the human civilisation. So far so good and I agree with my good friend almost all the time, but then all of a sudden my good friend points out how ridiculous these Hindus are drinking cow’s urine and having such disgusting rituals. He would condemn Hindus drinking cow’s urine in almost exactly in the same words as he would condemn Islamist terrorist blowing up shrines and stoning adulterous women in Afghanistan. I would be dumb founded and would not understand that how slitting the neck of a human can be compared to drinking cow’s urine. But then I won’t be able to refute him either that such rituals are “laughable”, and indeed atheism makes “fun of” such rituals and sometimes such rituals do lead to undesired consequences and so on and so on.

Let me give another example.

Let’s fast forward to this age, age of internet, facebook and twitter. Where you will find hundreds of seemingly reasonable seculars/atheist discussing with such unseen enthusiasm how atheism and secularism is going to change the world because of the technological advances and the information age we live in. Here is an ex-muslim (as she proudly describes herself) lady, declaring herself atheist/secular, posting pictures/videos that condemn Islamism in harshest terms. She will be posting the images of women being beaten by Mulla, kids being trained as suicide bombers. And condemning all these in harshest possible terms. But then all of a sudden you will see an image of Ahmadi Khalifa giving sermon to his followers and she will condemn in the same words that how these mullas have developed cults around themselves. How their followers are so disgusting and stupid, Islam has brainwashed them, they are the worst creature on earth and so on and so on. And here I am stupefied how an Ahmadi Khalifa giving a Jumaa Sermon to his peaceful followers in the heart of UK, giving the message of peace to the world…yeah yeah I know you will tell me he is telling laughable stories to his followers, he is giving them opium and selling fantasies of the next world, he is the tool in the hands of capitalists… but wait I know all this, I myself say the same, but how on earth his sermon is comparable to kids being trained as suicide bombers by Taliban Khalifa. And why such an extreme view?

Let me give just one more example.

Here is our social media activist talking about everything on earth, making most sense, declaring himself an atheist. He would talk about follies of the religion, how the religious bigots exploit people, how religion is so laughable..all excellent stuff. Then he would condemn Taliban in Afghanistan, ISIS in Iraq/Syria, brutality of Islamists in Pakistan, all very good and noble. Our atheist friend will be worked up, angry on Taliban’s bombing of a church in Peshawar. He would condemn in harshest possible terms the gruesome murder of Ahmadis in Lahore, killing of Shias in Quetta… then all of a sudden in the same flow our noble atheist would post a video of some women and children bowing in a shrine and in almost the same words our friend would harshly condemn the ‘disgusting’ ritual of those ‘disgusting’ women and children and tell how Islam is so bad and why he quit it… do you notice my readers the pattern? How murder of Ahmedis in Lahore, killing of Shias in Quetta, slitting the necks in Iraq could be comparable to ‘disgusting?’ ritual of ‘bowing in shrine”?

So for years the question tormented me how such noble people can not see the fallacy in their comparison, why this lack of sense of proportion. I would never have solved this puzzle, until recently when I did research on our social media seculars/atheist. This research led me to an interesting conclusion and very interesting data. First of all the data that I got revealed to me that it is not just simple comparisons like the ones I quoted above. I found this “lack of sense of proportion” is a systemic problem. I call this “Acute Lack of Sense of Proportion Syndrome (ALSPS)”. The people suffering from this syndrome exhibit acute lack of sense of proportion. They will condemn the religion and religious people in such harsh terms that you would be surprised. For them rituals, customs, and festivals of any religion (or perhaps of certain types of religion) will be as much condemnable as murder, rape, terrorism by ‘another type’ of religion.          

But ALSPS is just a symptom the reason for this lies somewhere else. Voltaire once said that in the society religious people fight over “my god is better than your god”. The reason for our noble atheists suffer from ALSPS is based on a similar premise. It is ‘Your god is worse than my (old) god” in Urdu it is (میرا خدا گندا تو سب کا خدا گندا). Our noble atheists usually come from a very specific background i.e. a very strict Islamist background usually a deobandi, wahabi or Jamaati, sometimes they might come from other sects in Islam but following a very Islamist variation.                    

Although it is hard to describe their state of mind, but if I dare, I would say that somehow atheism for them means the expression of hatred towards their (old) religion, but since in their youth they might have been devout believers of the same, a simple catharsis would be to express the same hatred for ‘All’ religions particularly those which are apparently competing religions of their (old) religion.             

At this point I would refrain from advising youth that Atheism is not about expression of hatred towards religions, in fact Atheism is about what is “most beautiful and sublime”. It is about the humane values which are sometimes suppressed by religious and other ideologies…. but wait I am not the prophet of Atheism…

The Two Sit-Ins

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Back in 2007/2008 when Judicial movement was in full swing, there was a novice but vibrant social media. It was very exciting campaign against the mad dictator of his time and that too in a new and novel way. There was a mushroom growth of social media blogs and websites all full with the comrades shouting against mad dictator. In such situations it is really hard to distinguish or guess the primary reasons for anyone who stand against the dictatorship. I usually say that politics involving large number of people is as complex as the quantum physics, it is almost impossible to exactly know what is really going on inside a political movement just like it is almost impossible to know what is going on inside a mechanical system at a quantum level. However on a higher level (in physics terms at a classical level), you can almost reliably predict the outcome of a political movement as you can predict the outcome of a physical system.

During the judicial movement there were all types of political forces active with a common objective. From the killers belonging to Taliban and their supporters on social media who were against the mad dictator Pervez Musharraf because he happened to be a Sunni Bralevi muslim to the ultimate liberal from PPP/ANP whose life was spent in struggle for democracy everyone was one voice against the mad dictator.  It was irrelevant to identify the true objectives of different sections participating in it. Later on however gradually we came to know the true objectives of all the players in judicial movement including Iftikhar Muhammad Chudhary.

It was an interesting movement in many aspects, it had everything a true democratic movement could have, the dreams of a new future which were summed up in the great poem by Aitzaz Ahsan or in a single verse “ریاست ھوگی ماں کے جیسی“. There were two objectives of this movement, one a stated one and another unstated one. The stated objective was to get the Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary restored and later on all the judges that were dismissed via November 3rd, and the unstated was to have a democratic government in place after getting rid of Pervez Musharraf. Interestingly enough the second objective was achieved earlier than the first objective. Unfortunately however nation paid the ultimate price in terms of death of Benazir Bhutto. After the PPP government in place the objective of the restoration of judiciary had become less attractive for most of the liberal and democratic stalwarts. However it was an unfinished work and Aitzaz Ahsan along with several comrades kept on leading the movement. It was at that time when the first long march happened under the leadership of Aitzaz Ahsan. But before I talk about this let me go little back in history.

In 90’s I used to work in a telecom company and we used to have a radio frequency scanner, that could scan frequencies of Police and other agencies. It was the time of Dharna by Qazi Hussain Ahmed against PPP’s government. While listening to conversation of several high ranking police and other agencies officers on radio I realised that Pakistan military somehow is so afraid of bloody civilians taking over the capital that they will not allow anyone to enter Islamabad ever. I was told by one very high ranking army officer that COAS himself will ensure that no large hostile crowd ever enters Islamabad even if they have to open a straight fire. In that context I always thought that any sit-in will be impossible in Islamabad particularly in “Red Zone” as it is called now. But Aitzaz Ahsan with Zardari had different designs, he knew that once this fear is overcome on both sides people and the army that Islamabad is no go area for bloody civilians then we shall achieve another milestone in the democratic struggle in Pakistan. And lo and behold, bloody civilians entered the red zone and sat in their for whole night and that was the start of a series of long marches and sit-ins in Islamabad.

The current sit-ins by both Imran Khan and Tahir-ul-Qadri have as much importance in the history of democratic struggle of people of Pakistan as the judicial movement. I have always said that Pakistan is not a Middle Eastern state, the democratic values and liberal views held by people of Pakistan come from a 4000 years of history of a diverse, vibrant culture. Pakistan society roots originate from the thousands of years old Gandhara civilisation, our ancestor’s came from the liberal and diverse religions like Hinduism and Buddhism. This is the civilisation that has welcomed all kind of religions and ideologies with open hearts. From Islam to Christianity land of Buddha has welcomed every ideology. It is for that reason despite the cancerous nature of “Islamism”, the “Islam” of Indo-Pak subcontinent is essentially different than the “Islam” of Middle East. Democratic values are part of the nature of people of Pakistan, a 60 years struggle for democracy is the evidence of how people of Pakistan can pay ultimate price for the rule of democracy. It is for that reason no dictator however tyrant he may be had ever been able to rule people of Pakistan for more than a decade.

Historian will write the current sit-ins by both Imran Khan and Tahir-ul-Qadri as a signifiant milestone in the achievement of a liberal, secular and democratic Pakistan. Just like the judicial movement, the current sit-ins also have both types of objectives: stated and non-stated. I won’t discuss here the stated objectives. But let me talk about the unstated objectives of these sit-ins.

Let us first start with Tahir-ul-Qadri’s Inqlab March. Let me put some context to Tahir-ul-Qadri. First of all it is important to distinguish between “Muslim” and “Islamist”. A vast majority of people of Pakistan are “Muslims” belonging to different sects. The “Islam” of these muslims is totally different from the Islam of “Islamists” in both its essence and practice. This is a colourful Islam, a religion as dynamic, natural and elastic as any other religion could be. This is the Islam which is commonly known as Sufi Islam, in which people have simple beliefs most of them very innocent and childish beliefs. The people of that Islam practice rituals which are also simple in nature as the rituals of any religion containing music, dance and fun. It is the Islam where people are more concerned about their own salvation than the salvation of others. It is not the “Islam” which tries to convert every other person and if he can not convert them it kills them. This “Islam” is not a single homogenous entity consisting of rigid rules and extremist views. It is a heterogeneous solution consisting of all types sects from Shias to Ahmadis, from Agha Khani to Bralevis and having common religious personalities and rituals. It is not the “Islam” that consists of one “Allah” but consists of 100’s of religious personalities. These are the “muslims” who are declared Kafir and Mushrik by the Islamists. The non-muslim world does not realise that the largest number of people killed by “Islamists” are these muslims. They are the front line martyrs in the war of terror. They are the people who are saving the world from the onslaught of this maniac knowns as Takfiri Deobandi Islamism.

It is this Islam Qadri and his associate which include Shias, Bralevis and other sects of Islam, represent. A lot of people wonder how come Qadri always become so relevant in politics of Pakistan, it is not just his followers who come to show their support for him, all kinds of the people come out for him to show the other face of Islam. In the social media a lot of “Islamists” were sharing the pictures of colourful young ladies dancing and chanting slogans on the beats of music. They will share such pictures with the comments that “Is this the kind of Islam, Qadri is propagating?”. They share videos of Qadri’s comrades dancing on the beats of music with the comments “Is this the Islam?”, they don’t realise that they are indeed helping in spreading the message of Qadri which is “This is really the Islam”. Several “Liberals” who are affected by the acute lack of sense of proportion syndrome (ALSPS), scream that Qadri is another Taliban, another religious leader like Sufi Muhammad and Molvi Abdul Aziz. They equate the ladies in Qadri’s sit-in with the terrorist ninja women of Laal Masjid, trying to portray them as extremists and terrorists. They don’t realise that the pictures they share with such comments mock at them. Any real liberal who is not affected by ALSPS will immediately know that this is not extremism, these girls do not wear dreaded black veils, do not carry firearms, neither these girls are abducting Chinese girls from massage centres nor they are chanting the dreaded slogan of “Allah-o-Akbar” in a dreadful voice, they are the regular womenfolk, playful, beautiful, full of energy and life. These “liberals” also try to portray that Qadri’s protest is similar to protests by parties like Jamaat Islami and Jamat ud Dawa. They give the examples of processions by Khatam-e-Nubawat and Ulama Council in favour of Taliban, in an attempt to scare the world that it is the same Taliban in the cloths of Qadri they scream. What they don’t realise is that the sheer peacefulness if Qadri’s people, their message against Taliban and extremists, their civility for the common people, their peaceful nature even in the face of police atrocities, all make such insinuations rubbish. They mock at Qadri when he delivers his lecture in English, they mock that he is talking to his masters, what my “liberal” friends don’t realise is that they are helping spreading his message. The message that people of Pakistan, the muslims have no hatred against western nations, they consider them their friends and seek their help against the maniac of extremism.

So in a nutshell one of the unstated objective of Qadri’s march was to make the world aware of the presence of large population of muslims and their rejection of the message of “Islamism” in Pakistan. The peaceful demonstration by the colourful muslims coming from all sects of Islam, the music, the girls, the colours all added to spread the message and exhibit the face of Islam that is usually ignored by the world. I live in a western country and one of my colleague asked me that usually he does not see pictures of “muslim” women with such colours and he does not see the muslim “religious” scholar talking in English and speaking respectfully to Western People. And when I heard this from colleague I realised the unstated objective of Qadri’s March has been achieved. be concluded…

A Simple Question to Ask

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 Brazilian government spent millions of dollars for the security during the world cup matches. US and Europe have been spending billions of dollars to stop terrorist attacks and for every single event where a significant number of people gather whether it be a Railway Station, Sports Match, Airport or a political gathering, every government will prepare an elaborate security plan and implement it in minute details.

It is not hard to understand that a successful counter terrorism strategy requires a collective effort from all segments of society. And even the best of the armies and security agencies are unable to completely counter terrorist attacks particularly in the regions where the support for terrorism comes from the general public. For example we know that despite billions of dollars investment in training security agencies in Afghanistan and with US and NATO officers overlooking the counter terrorism strategy and its implementation, the terrorist attacks could not be controlled. Same goes for Iraq and other parts of the world.

During PPP’s government for five years there were continuous suicide bombings and terrorist attacks in Pakistan. One of the most used argument by both political analysts and security officials was that it is impossible to stop the suicide attacks, due to inherent support from the people (likes of Jamaat Islami, Jamaat ud Dawa etc) living in the towns and providing shelter and support to these terrorists. For over five years there were attacks on Churches, Shrines, Ahmadi Mosques, Cricket teams and every where. There were attacks on Army Head Quarters, Air force Air bases and Airports in main cities. There were co-ordinated attacks on Shia, Ahmadi and Bralevi religious events.

During the elections campaign of 2013, PPP, ANP and MQM party candidates and their election gathering were under constant attacks by Taliban. Even before the PPP government during the last two years of Pervez Musharraf there were constants attacks on all kinds of targets including General Pervez Musharraf himself. And nobody disagrees that in a country where Osama Bin Laden can live for 10 years in a main town without being noticed or reported and where an extensive network of madarassas and organization like Tableeghi Jamaat provide a complete protection to terrorists and suicide bombers it is impossible to control terrorism.

So it is a very simple question to ask how come in Pakistan Terrorist Attacks and Suicide Bombings act like a light switch which turns ON and OFF whenever needed?

During the 2008 elections campaign, Benazir Bhutto would be given constant warnings by the security agencies in Pakistan that she is the target of terrorists. The elections gathering of PPP candidates where continuously attacked by terrorists. From small gathering to large procession even headed by Benazir Bhutto were attacked including the one in Karachi. And finally the security agencies threat was executed on 27th of December in which Benazir Bhutto was martyred.

It is also important to note that the suicide attacks in Pakistan somehow had a very definite political aspects. It was not “indiscriminate” suicide attacks that usually happen in the other parts of the world. These suicide attacks never happened just against every people gathering. For example large gatherings of people by Jamaat Islami, Imran Khan, Nawaz Sharif were never attacked even in the most volatile parts of KPK and Baluchistan. Strange enough political leaders like Munnawar Hassan, Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan would move around in the public without any fear of suicide or terrorist attacks as if Pakistan was safer than United States. On the other hand even the third and fourth level leaders of PPP, ANP and MQM were not safe from terrorist attacks.

So the simple question is why Terrorist Attacks in Pakistan happen like an ON/OFF switch (before asking who controls that switch).

Many people are trying to spread the theory that the suicide attacks have stopped due to North Waziristan Operation by Pakistan Army. But this is a lame theory because first of all if the switch is turned back ON shortly then this theory will evaporate into thin air immediately. But even before that happens this theory does not stand the ground. For example if we presume that there is a real battle ongoing between Pakistan Army and Terrorists in North Waziristan, then as reported by several news agencies there is even more danger of retaliatory attacks in major towns of Pakistan. For the past few days there has been a very large gathering of people in Lahore/Islamabad, it is like a football world cup match in Brazil, and everyone knows that the security arrangement in Islamabad are virtually zero when compared to any of the Brazil world cup football match. Not only that the gathering is of the people who are against Taliban and extremists which make them very “legitimate” target of the suicide attackers. And the suicide button is still switched OFF. I am not saying that there is no threat of terrorist attack on these gatherings and this button will never be switched ON again.

My question is why does it operate like an ON/OFF button?

Once we know the answer for this simple question we’ll also know who controls this switch and for what purpose.

Story of a vintage Pakistani Atheist

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I became an atheist in late 80’s, at that time becoming an atheist was not that easy from every respect particularly in Pakistani society. It was the time when atheist was not the obvious role model for youth. In the political context, muslim youth both radical and non-radical was not considered as the worst of the lot. A typical non-radical muslim young person will be a charming young guy  with short beard and a smiling face, going to prayer in the mosque for 5 times a day and usually helping neighbours. The remaining radical muslim youth the would-be suicide bombers were gone to fight Jihad against atheist U.S.S.R. And as they were not killing Pakistanis in suicide bombing they were considered as real “mujahids”  who were embracing martyrdom in fight against atheist U.S.S.R. Those days United States was boasting about “In God We Trust” and “Jihad”. Islam was a “peaceful” religion which was fighting the battle for the whole world against the terrorist atheists of U.S.S.R who are bound to destroy the whole world.

It was not only the political context in which being an atheist was out of fashion, morally also an atheist was not necessarily the best role model. Atheists were labelled as hashish smokers and drunkards. Atheism was associated with the notion of “free-sex society” where there are no morals. Common men will talk about how in U.S.S.R. polyandry, group sex and other such things are common, communist regime takes away the newborns from parents etc. etc. An atheist was considered a person without any morals.

Only good thing about being an atheist in those days was that you didn’t need to be afraid of being killed, you only needed to be a little bit cautious and conscience of the fact that you don’t hurt other people’s feeling which I will talk a little later in detail. These were the days when government colleges were not full of bearded radical muslim youth and ex-jamati lecturers, these were the days when you will find a proportional (if not significant) number of non-radical and liberal teachers. Intellectual discussions were quite common even with “muslim” intellectuals both students and teachers. Although it was difficult to openly declare yourself as an atheist but people will notice and declare you an atheist without any threat to your safety. One of the phrase I always remember is “اوے تو دھریہ ھوگیا ھے” (Hey you have become an atheist), from all types of people from an agreeable muslim teacher to a smiling muslim cousin.

So these were the days when I became an atheist. It must be remembered that becoming an atheist in those days was quite different from becoming an atheist now. It was different because you had several choices, it was not a simple decision like it is now to choose Atheism over Radical Islamism.The young suicide bombers fighting with atheist U.S.S.R. were not condemned like they are condemned now by everyone. The tender hearted Christian of United States, timid Buddhists of China and religious Jews along with the radical Muslims all were united under the banner of “In God We Trust” against the Atheist Communists.  It was out of fashion too, it will be very hard for you to find any appreciation except in your own circles to subscribe atheistic views and values. As I said atheist were labelled as “bad guys” of the society.

You may ask then why did I become an atheist or better question was I really a “bad guy” . But let me tell you first what Atheism really means. I know that the “meanings” of Atheism vary  in different contexts and societies. And defining a universally accepted meaning is really a challenging task. I vividly remember how it all started though. It was an intense battle, a battle within. Dostoevsky wrote:

“And what have Russian boys been doing up till now, some of them, I mean? In this stinking tavern, for instance, here, they meet and sit down in a corner. They’ve never met in their lives before and, when they go out of the tavern, they won’t meet again for forty years. And what do they talk about in that momentary halt in the tavern? Of the eternal questions, of the existence of God and immortality. ” — Brothers Karmazov

It is true for Pakistani boys too I mean the Pakistani boys of 80’s. But it wasn’t just the question of existence of God and immortality then, it was also the question of refuting the commonly accepted meaning of what is right and what is wrong. The distinction between right and wrong was much more blurred than it is now.  Luckily however those were the days when books were read more than computer screens were watched. But it was hard to find the books I remember books like “The Idiot”, “Resurrection” and “Candide” were banned and hard to procure.



–to be continued–



گلشن کون تھی۔۔۔

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میرا ایک دوست فیض کا مخالف اور ایک فیض کا حمایتی تھا۔ مگر دونوں کو کو فیض کی شاعری کا ایک لفظ پلے نھیں پڑتا تھا۔ فیض کا حمایتی شراب پیتا ، کوٹھے پر جاتا اور فیض کا مخالف نمازی اور پرھیزگار تھا ۔ ایک دن حسب معمول میں فیض کا کلام سنا رھا تھا تو اس مصرع پر پہنچا۔
چلے بھی او کے گلشن کا کاروبار چلے۔

تو کوٹھے پر جانے والا دوست بولا یہ گلشن کون تھی۔ اور اس کے بعد ایک بحث شروع ھوگی۔ فیض کے حمایتی نے کہا دیکھو فیض کے دل میں غریبوں کا کتنا درد تھا ایک کوٹھے والی کے لیے بھی وہ لوگوں کی منتیں کرنے میں عار محسوس نھیں کرتا تھا۔ اور فیض کے مخالف نے کہا کہ دیکھو فیض کتنا شرابی ، زانی اور دلال تھا جو کوٹھے والی کے لیے گاھک ڈھونڈتا تھا ۔ الغرض دونوں میں حسب معمول دونوں میں ھاتھا پای ھوگیی۔۔۔۔

تاریخ الحاد سے ایک ورق

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تاریخ الحاد سے ایک ورق

مجدد عصر مصلح امت الحاد امام الملحدین السید دکتور ذالان نایک رح
مجدد عصر مصلح امت الحاد امام الملحدین السید دکتور ذالان نایک رح کی پیدایش ورلڈ وایڈ ویب کے ایک صوبہ تویٹر کے قصبے پاکستانی ٹرینڈ میں ھوی۔ اپ اکیسویں صدی کے اوایل میں پیدا ھوے ۔ یہ وہ وقت تھا جب دنیا بھر کے ملحدوں کی سیاسی طاقت فنا ھورھی تھی ، مشرکانہ رسوم اور بدعات الحادی معاشرے میں زور پکڑ رھے تھے۔ فرقہ پرستی عام تھی ۔ کہیں پر سرخے ملحد حضرت کارل مارکس علیہ السلام کو خدا بناکر پوج رھے تھے۔ تو کہیں شیعہ ملحد امام مہدی کا انتظار بھی کر رھے تھے اور ملحدانہ نظریات کا پرچار بھی۔ اور تو اور احمدیوں جیسے مذھبی افراد بھی ملحدانہ نظریات کو سراھتے اور ٹویٹر پر ری ٹویٹ کرتے تھے۔ بریلوی ملحدوں نے بدعت کی حد مکای ھوی تھی ، ھر گمراہ و ناگمراہ ملحد کی مزار پرستی کرنا، نیی نیی بدعتیں ایجاد کرنا ان کا مشغلہ تھا۔ الغرض ملحد قوم کیی ٹکڑوں میں بٹ چکی تھی۔ روزانہ مختلف فرقوں کے درمیان ملحدانہ مباحثے ، متنوع خیالات اور ان کے ذریعے نیی نیی بدعتوں کا فروغ۔ سواے دیوبندی فتنہ طالبان کے مخالفت کے ملحدوں میں کوی اتفاق نھیں تھا۔
ایسے وقت ابتلاؑ میں حضرت ذالان نایک نے فرزندان الحاد کو ایک پرچم تلے جمع کرنا شروع کیا اور اصلاح کی صدا بلند کی۔ جس کی بازگشت تویٹر کی چوٹیوں اور فیس بک کی تراییوں سے لیکر بلاگ اور انٹرنیٹ کے کناروں تک سنای دی جانے لگی۔ نتیجتآ تحریک اصلاح ملحدین وجود میں ای جس کی مثال اخری صدیوں میں نھیں ملتی۔

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A game of $900 million….

Posted in Pakistan Politics by pejamistri on July 12, 2014

Let me first make it clear, any action against Taliban that weakens them is always appreciable. Moreover six hundred people of Pakistan army represent proportionally the 180 million population of Pakistan. Although General Zia and subsequent extremist Generals have tried their best to change the complexion of Pakistan Army but despite that there are still a lot of personnels belong to sects like Shia, Bralevi and quite a few non muslims. So the battle that we see in Pakistan is also present in Pakistan Army. On the levels of high rank officers though Army behave and acts as a mafia, but on the lower level the conflicts are much more visible. 

Even at the level of Generals sometime the same battle come to surface. The battle we saw from 2007-2009 had many facets, on the one side it was pure democratic struggle by the parties like PPP, ANP against the dictator and on the other side it was the extremist’s coup against the non-deobandi General Pervez Musharraf. Kyani-GEO-IMC nexus against Musharraf was nothing but the manifestation of the on-going battle between extremist Taliban and non-extremist people of Pakistan. 

That’s the reason it is hard to pass the judgment on operation in North Waziristan.  has written a nice article on this. Besides other things, I tend to agree with her assertion that Pakistan military launched the operation after much hesitation and preparation to secure $900 million from United States. 

At the moment it is hard to really know what is happening in North Waziristan the way Pakistan Army took touts like Fareeha Idrees and other “پیشہ ور دلال ” so-called “journalists” to Waziristan it seems that there is much to hide there.


Loss of Sense of Proportion

Posted in Pakistan Politics by pejamistri on June 27, 2014

With the arrival of Chabi wala baba aka Qaid-e-Inqlab Shaikh-ul-Islam Professor Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, twitter was a abuzz with the “liberals” and “seculars” tweets showing how much “liberal” and “secular” they are. From “پیشہ ور دلال” like Nusrat Javed to my dear friend Zaalan everyone was so eager to prove their liberalism and secularism that I truly feared that some of them might actually explode on twitter.

There was also an interesting exchange of tweets between Abdul and Zaalan in which Zaalan so clearly explained how he would stand by liberals and seculars and not with any molvi against Taliban and extremism.

I remember I wrote about this before but the current episode made me write more on this.

I call this “loss of sense of proportion“, why does this happen I have a theory about it, but before I put that theory let me explain what this loss of sense of proportion is. Just as forewarning I may myself commit the same “loss of sense of proportion” in this article, so please take my assertion and statements with little bit of grain of salt.

Every crime has some degree of intensity, that is why there is a difference between a crime and felony. A felony is a type of crime that is serious and carries heavy penalty. Jaywalking is a crime but murder is both a crime and a felony. People have strange views, one might call them “absurd”, laughable and even condemn those views. Last year I happened to go in a service of Romanian Church on the eve of Christmas, and after very joyful rhymes and poems, all of a sudden people dropped on their knees and start crying and praying, I was taken aback, I thought how “absurd” is it and almost started laughing. But then I realised that how many laughable and absurd things I commit on daily basis. From crying while watching an emotional scene in the movie and feeling angry when Pakistan looses a cricket match, to believing that “universe was created on throw of a dice” and there might be another universe in which PejaMistri is Molvi Munnawar Hassan (shame on me).

The point I am trying to make is that its all about proportion. Once you loose sense of proportion, you basically keep the same extremists views but simply switch the sides. A lot of my “liberati” twitter fellows started screaming with the full throttle against “Chabi wala molvi”. A lot of them started proving how he is worse than Burqa Wala molvi (Molvi Abdul Aziz), and how his Lahore residence is same as “Laal Masjid”. How he is responsible for the killing of 14 people in Lahore and so on and so on. I am not going to defend this molvi, to me he is just a molvi like so many other laughable molvis exist in the world. But just like in my “secularism” I don’t start abusing every other ideology and religion, it is not right for me to start equating him with the extremist like Taliban and Deobandi/Wahabi ideology.

Let me explain in more detail, back in my college days in those dark days of General Zia, when I found the light of “Communism” and “Atheism”, I started “preaching” Atheism, and condemning all those friends and class fellows of mine who would go to “Dars-e-Quran” and “Masjid”. In my zeal, I even started “Dars-e-Das-Kapital”. In fact once I started a “Dars-e-Nancy-Friday” in competition with Jamati’s Dars-e-Quran and believe me more started coming to “Dars-e-Nancy-Friday” listening “Forbidden Flowers” than people going in Dars-e-Quran :). But during a discussion we realised that it is almost no different than Jamaati Molvis who “Preach” their ideology with as much “zeal and zest” as I am preaching my ideology. And soon I realised that it is not just “preaching” and it is the “zeal and zest” and “force” with which we “preach” and many a times “impose” our ideology on others. And there comes the sense of proportion. As I said people have so many different views, many of those views are “absurd” and “condemnable” but while “ridiculing” or “condemning” such views one must keep in view the relative proportion of intensity of such views. The “condemnation” of “cigarette smoker” in public is not equal to that of a mass killer.

Let me be more explicit, there is no comparison of Deobandi/Wahabi/Salafi “Islamism” and other “laughable” Islamic beliefs like Ahmadis, Shias, Bralevis. I find it ridicules when our “liberati” condemn and put pictures on twitter/facebook of Ahmedi’s kissing their Khalifa’s hand, a Bralevi dancing on Qawali or a Shia doing Matam, and in their zeal to condemn the “religion” and show how much “secular” and “atheist” they are, they proudly declare that they are “real” liberals who condemn “ALL” absurd “Islamic” practices just like they condemn Taliban’s extremists views. No my friend no, there is something wrong in this, there is a huge difference between “Islamist” who declares other religion “Kufr” and then strives to eliminate that “Kufr” by “use-of-force” or by “use-of-tongue” or by “use-of-hatred-in-their-heart”, and a “muslim” who simply commits “laughable” acts in his search to get “Jannah”. There is no doubt a muslim can turn “Islamist” at any time but until he is just a “muslim” you can not equate him with an Islamist.

To be Continued….

P.S. I wish I had more time from my day job to finish this. Please wait.

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Salman Taseer & his unfinished job.

Posted in Pakistan Politics by pejamistri on January 4, 2014

Whenever I try to write something on Salman Taseer, my thoughts go to Asia Bibi, I don’t know how many xmas have passed since she is in the jail far from her family and home.
Salman Taseer was the brave guy who could dare to stand for a poor weak lady following the true sunnah of his prophet Muhammad. I know there are hundreds of such well meaning humans in the city of Ali Hajveri Data Ganj Bakhsh, but none of them as brave as Salman Taseer.
There is however no more appropriate time than now, to renew the efforts for the release of Asia Bibi. There is no doubt that Nawaz Sharif and Shehbaz Sharif government is in much better position to get her out. The majority muslim sect Bralevis must remember that they need to distinguish themselves from the extremists muslims, it is not only the Eid-Milad-un-Nabi that makes them stand out from the extermists but also the following of Sufis like Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh, Hazrat Farid Ganj-e-Shakar, and hundreds of Sufis who blessed the province of Punjab with their divine message of peace, mercy and love to all. Bralevis need to follow the traditions of Prophet Muhammad who was mercy to all.
This month of Rabi-ul-Awwal brings them this great opportunity to redeem themselves in the eyes of رحمت اللعالمین ۔ . There can not be more shame for the followers of Data Ganj Bakhsh where a poor weak lady is punished in the name of Prophet who is mercy to the whole world.
Nawaz Sharif & Shahbaz Sharif may have been indebted by the Saudi Salfis but their forefathers followed the religion that was peace and mercy to all. They must stand up for the poor lady, the majority Bralevi in Punjab should start campaign for mercy in this month of Rabi-ul-Awal for the Asia Bibi.

The best tribute to Salman Taseer is to renew the efforts for the release of Asia Bibi.


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